Once, they were legion. The Threatfire Corps, feared by any who dared set their sights on the radiant cities of the Amiga Plateau. With a specialized suite of syntactic weapons, they were the only line of defense against the invasion of the Virals: An ever evolving race of plague bearing mutants and hack-born devourers. But the people of Amiga grew complacent, and the rise of the corporations saw new, privatized protectors for every man, woman and child. If they could afford it.

Unsupported, the Threatfire Corp continued to serve the people. And, one by one, they grew outdated. Or, unwilling to leave their posts, now stand watch over un-updated and abandoned cities. Ever vigilant, even in exile.

Now, the threat of the ever-changing Virals has returned...

Will you protect Server City from infection and degradation? Or will one more of Amiga plateau's jewels be swallowed by this foul scourge?

Siege @ Server City